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MSM is key in the drive for service improvement and efficiencies

Improve Service Delivery

MSM will support you in your journey to provide improved service delivery and the attainment of your operational
excellence goal.

Automate Your Processes

Customers never complain about being kept informed – MSM does this automatically.

Improve Customer Experience

MSM empowers you to create and deliver an outstanding customer experience. The moment a customer calls the
Service Desk, the analyst is put in the driving seat.

Support ITSM Industry Standards

MSM automatically supports the collection, process support, audit evidence and reporting requirements to
achieve ITSM accreditations. Using MSM will provide you with a competitive edge, the ability to demonstrate your
visible commitment to quality and the provision of IT services, and the attainment of operational excellence.

Manage Partners and Contracts

Supplier and contract management often consists of a multitude of teams often involved with a significant
amount of contract traffic (e.g. finance, legal, sales and executives) who would be approving contracts. Multi-level
Change approval is a must.

Improve Service Performance

MSM will help you improve service performance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s
key services and infrastructure, and support operations.

Why Choose MSM and Marval?

Service management software, on-premise
or cloud, purchase or subscription –
the choice is yours.

It has always been Marval’s directive to provide real choice for its customers – in product, in deployment and in licensing options. Marval offers a comprehensive choice for the implementation of its products to satisfy organisations of any size and sector.

Marval provides consistent, cost-effective and high-quality education and consultancy services, delivered in line with service management good practices and  standards. As coauthors of ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000, Marval is an acknowledged expert in the service management arena and actively promotes business awareness of industry good practice.

Knowledge transfer is guaranteed, to ensure your business receives real benefits from the services that Marval delivers.

Working with you, our consultants focus on exactly what you need. Sharing their expertise, they will help you to efficiently implement your new service support strategy and, if desired, seamlessly co-ordinate your customer service improvement project throughout each phase.

Our comprehensive portfolio of MSM product training and service management education focuses on quality awareness, improving customer service levels and enhancing the service delivery skills of your personnel.

Marval has been delivering
integrated service management
software and services since 1989.

With unrivalled industry knowledge, expertise and innovative
system design, its products and services ensure the customer
derives full business benefits from service management. MSM
is both process and service centric, based on proven industry
best practice and standards in ITSM (ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000).
MSM will support and enable the delivery of consistent,
measurable and repeatable processes across your
organisation: Reducing costs, minimising risk and taking
advantage of favourable technology trends and innovations.
In summary “to do things even faster, more efficiently and
more cost effectively”.
You will be better positioned to adopt industry best practice
and standards which will prove to your stakeholders and
customers that you are serious when it comes to service
management and the quality of the services you provide.
In turn this will enable organisational, stakeholder and
customer confidence; increase revenue and improve
customer retention.
To ensure fast implementation Marval provides a project plan
coupled with sample policies, processes and plans based
on industry standards. The tool is supplied with default
classifications, roles, workflows and SLA alerts.
Not just a software supplier – Marval is a solutions
provider comprising technology, people and
process support

IT Service Management And Beyond

Endless possibilities with Marval

Whatever your requirements might be, we
have the technology, the expertise and the people to make them happen.

Enterprise ready:

MSM for HR – perfect as a HR request management system, a fast and easy to use web self-service portal enables requests and changes to be managed and approved; from a payroll enquiry to booking a training course.

MSM for Shared Services – ideal for organisations wanting to deploy a shared services approach, MSM provides secure partitioning with comprehensive auditing and access control features.

MSM for Fleet Management – all vehicle related issues, including breakdowns, damages, supplier management of parts and accessories, along with resource scheduling can, and are, managed using MSM.

MSM for Facilities Management – for building maintenance and wider management of an organisations’ estate, planned maintenance tasks are easily scheduled, managed and allocated.

MSM for Transportation Services – ensures that all transportation needs are met. MSM is used to record and track any issues, including; travel delays, route cancellations, road closures, accidents or on-board incidents and provides accurate reports on service delivery and performance.